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Gym Equipment Training and Consultation

You are unsure about which equipment to buy or how to use the equipment you have bought correctly. Gym Equipment Penang has all the correct expertise to guide you through gym equipment training and consultation.

There are hundreds of pieces of gym equipment to choose from, most of which you have no idea what they can do. Will it be useful, or will it just be a showcase in the corner of the house after one or two uses?

You have a goal or focused image you have in your mind about the outcome of buying the equipment, but again, it goes to waste after buying it.

So, how can you be certain that you are purchasing the correct machine for your needs? Just have a chat with us, and we can give you an overall picture of the type of device, what it does, how it benefits you, and if it will be useful in the long run.

We have customers who have visited us with their purpose, for example, what is the best machine to strengthen the knees? What is a good machine for cardio and much more? Or you would like to set up a Gym center, and you do not know how to go about it.

Get the full picture of our experiences from us so that you can make an informed decision.

FoliageField, before going into gym equipment, was a consultant for manufacturing firms in various quality programs. With this added knowledge combined with gym equipment expertise, we can guide every customer alike.

How to use Gym Equipment For Beginners

Gym Equipment for Beginners

Before we go into using gym equipment for beginners, we need to ask what gym equipment is best for beginners.

If you have gone into the gym center for the first time, you will surely be overwhelmed by the number of machines, and you will surely wonder what each of these machines can do for you.

Yes, you have heard that you can go and workout in a gym and sweat it out, or you can get a beautiful muscular body if you work out in the gym.

So you get your gear ready, and you are on your way to the gym. Inside, there will be no instructors unless you hire one. You look at how other customers are doing, and you try and learn from them.

But did you know that you will be causing more harm to your body without realizing what the right machines are and how to set the weights or speed to go for correctly?

You may even sign up for a gym membership for a year after a chat with the management. But did you know that out of 100 people who sign up for the programs, 80{8a4e3dacf84b7113c3d9eb52081851d89a03cc5e4fc9d671b876e9e3e30ce68c} of them eventually stop within the first few months, and only a rare few continue?

This is how gym centers make money to keep them in business.

After a few times at the gym, you may feel uncomfortable or some pain might creep in and you decide to stop.

Also, did you know that most gym instructors are not qualified to teach? They come up with some kind of common cheat sheet and apply it to every individual who comes there.

For example, a person who sits at the office the whole day versus someone on the move daily can not do the same routine exercise. The programs must be unique for each individual.

First, a good instructor needs to understand the individual’s lifestyle and come out with a program and a proper progress report. He must be good enough to understand every individual, their strength, and weakness before getting them onto the gym equipment.

Recovery Techniques for Athletes

If an athlete is shown the proper techniques and processes, he or she can recover faster from injuries to his or her knees or other parts of the body.

A good physiotherapist will understand the nature of the injury and set plans on how the athlete can recover quickly and return to their old self. He can explain the nature and benefits of each exercise machine.

He must have a good understanding of the gym equipment and correctly sync it to the injury recovery process. Every muscle must be correctly tuned for a perfect recovery.

Best Women’s Gym Equipment

Women have different reasons for them to come into the gym. Most of their requirements are how to lose weight in certain parts of their bodies.

Best Gym Equipment for Women

Questions they might have are how to lose belly fat, trim certain parts below the waist, etc.

Most of them are too timid to open up to discuss what they want. To help them, the instructor must be well-versed in the right machine to use and slowly get them to talk.

What are the best leg and arm machines in the gym? What are the best cardiovascular machines which best fit their requirements? Every detail of this machine must be well-conceived before one can advise anyone.

Opening a gym center

You want to improve your current location with some correct equipment, or you have plans to open a gym center.

Opening a new center is not easy. You need to understand the location you plan to open if there will be enough customers, ample parking, and many other factors that need to be considered before venturing.

Next, the type and brand of equipment are very critical for the nature of your business plan.

Many gym centers are closing down because they did not have the right knowledge to go into the business.

You need someone who has been there who can give you the whole concept.

Below is some of the equipment set-up in one of the centers in Penang.

Equipment Setup in Center 1
Equipment Setup in Center 1
Equipment Setup in Center 2
Equipment Setup in Center 2
Equipment Setup in Center 3
Equipment Setup in Center 3

In Conclusion

There are enough requirements shown above that the correct knowledgeable person is required in conducting the gym center correctly for the benefit of the owner and, more importantly, the customers.

If you have a gym center and require Personal Trainers who are qualified and experienced, we can cater to that.

FoliageField has recently made an agreement with Natural Fitness Elite, located at Botanic Garden, Western Cafe, to provide a class for secondary school sports athletes on how to use gym equipment the right way to achieve maximum results.

It consists of 12 classes per session at a reasonable price, mainly focused on related topics like,

  • A Weight Loss Program
  • The right Muscles to Build
  • Effective Workouts
  • Body Shaping
  • Nutrition Guidance

There are many more programs by FoliageField which can be customized to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will try and help out as much as we can.

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